Our oil promotes beard growth by nourishing and stimulating your skin and hair follicles. Creating a blend of essential oils and nutrients encourages a thick, healthy beard.


If you have a beard, then the chances are very strong that you have smooth skin under that facial hair.  Shaving your face helps to spread the bacteria that causes acne. This means that allowing your beard to grow and taking proper care of your beard encourages healthy skin.


beard makes you look wiser, older, more learned (and certainly more experienced) than your clean-shaven brethren. It is 99.9% certain that men with beards do better with the ladies.


Using natural oils in your beard stimulates hair follicles, strengthens the roots, and conditions the skin underneath your beard. That’s important because let’s face it, your beard is only as strong as the skin beneath it. Like the hair on your head, when your beard is dry it becomes brittle and sheds. Giving you a patchy beard.

The right oils can take your beard from busted to help maintain your naturally thick beard for longer. Too many men are giving up on growing their beards because of its lackluster growth when there are natural oils they can use to stimulate beard growth and have the beard of their dreams.

Three of the most common natural carrier oils used in ATUA products which really promote beard growth are Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil.

1. Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is one of the top oils experts recommend to help grow your beard fuller, faster (It’s also one of the top ingredients in our full range of ATUA products). Its natural properties promote soft, healthy beards, and keeps the skin underneath your beard moisturized and hydrated. It is extremely important that the skin underneath your beard is healthy. It is the foundation upon which your beard grows.

2. Jojoba Oil – Jojoba oil is a popular oil used in skin and hair care products because itclosely resembles sebum, a waxy substance produced by our skin glands and acts as a natural skin conditioner. It’s anti-bacterial and antifungal properties are perfect for preventing common problems like dandruff, and brittle hair.

3. Sweet Almond Oil – Thanks to the Vitamin E, sweet almond oil keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage, and helps your skin look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines. The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and can heal chapped and irritated skin. Plus, the vitamin A can help reduce 

Any high quality beard oil is typically made up of two distinct ingredients, a carrier oil and an essential oil. In some cases, the higher end beard oils may included added ingredients like Vitamin E, which delivers key vitamins for healthy hair and skin care.

Carrier oils themselves will typically deliver many of the core benefits of any given beard oil as they make up about 90% of the actual oil. Typically derived from seeds and nuts, carrier oils are completely all natural with the most popular ones typically are jojoba (pronounced “ho-ho-ba”), argan, sweet almond, grapeseed, and several others. These oils are often found in several different beauty products besides just beard oil. If you typically purchase higher end beauty or all natural products, you will see ingredients such as jojoba in shampoos, soaps, creams, lotions, etc.

The reason why these oils are so vastly used in beauty products is due to them being completely all natural and having terrific hydrating/moisturizing abilities for your skin and hair follicles. Instead of using a mixture of chemicals to achieve the same hydrating effects for your skin, a decent carrier oil will deliver the same if not better moisturizing and nourishing abilities.

Many of the more expensive beard oils will typically included several essential oils in addition to a carrier oil. These oils, that are extremely volatile and are required to be diluted by a carrier oil before application to your skin, are the life of the party. Coming in several different scents ranging from citrus and lavender to sandalwood and tea tree, the options are truly limitless when trying to determine a scent for any beard oil.

Traditionally speaking, beard oils that cost more typically will contain several essential oils within the solution as essential oils are by themselves relatively pricey when compared to carrier oils.


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